Community Read

Coronado's Community Read is a program that encourages residents to join together in the shared experience of reading and discussing one book.

The idea to read a single book is credited to a librarian at the Seattle Public Library who in 1998 began a program called "If All of Seattle Read the Same Book." Since then, numerous communities across the country have begun their own reading programs, including San Diego's "One Book, One San Diego," held annually since 2005.

In Coronado, the Community Read began in 2017, as a partnership between the Coronado Public Library, the city's Cultural Arts Commission, and other community partners. Its goals are to promote literacy and vibrant literary culture in the community; introduce and draw people to the library, and bring residents together with shared experiences through planned events related to the book.

The program centers around a book chosen in the fall of the preceding year and is selected by a vote of the community from a slate of five to seven books, selected from among community nominations. The library buys multiple copies of the book. Depending on the selected title, the local middle and high schools may have copies available as well.

Programming begins in February and runs for approximately six weeks, with a wide variety of events being offered. Numerous book discussions are held throughout the community, as well as lectures, films, workshops, concerts, and other events related to the themes and ideas presented in the book. Through the discussions and events, the program hopes to promote informative, interesting, entertaining, and enlightening conversations among the members of the Coronado community.

Since its beginning, the list of events and partnering organizations has grown exponentially, and Community Read is glad to welcome more organizations, volunteers, and businesses who'd like to participate. Churches and schools can easily sponsor book discussions, and civic groups, as well as private book clubs, may sponsor related panel discussions or lectures. There is room for everyone to be involved - after all, it's your community!

Community Reads From Previous Years

  • 2017 Coronado Community Read - "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" - Rebecca Skloot
  • 2018 Coronado Community Read - "Ready, Player, One" - Earnest Cline
  • 2019 Coronado Community Read - "The Practice House" - Laura McNeal
  • 2020 Coronado Community Read - "The Library Book" - Susan Orlean
  • 2021 Coronado Community Read - "Stamped from the Beginning" - Ibram X. Kendi
  • 2022 Coronado Community Read - "West with Giraffes" - Lynda Rutledge