Coronado Historical Association

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About Coronado Historical Association:

The Coronado Historical Association, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, was founded in 1969 to help people understand and appreciate Coronado’s unique history, art, architecture, and historical resources. CHA continually works to bring the history of Coronado to the Community. In the state-of-the-art collections vault, everything from 1880s newspapers to vintage garments and over 20,000 photographs are carefully preserved. CHA brings Coronado’s history to life by documenting, preserving, and promoting its colorful past while engaging residents in their city’s unique history, including its vibrant culture and deep military roots. 

In support of its mission, the Coronado Historical Association has a special focus on educational programs and outreach. Besides a year-round schedule of public lectures and other thought-provoking programs for adults, such as a Preservation Symposium every spring (co-presented with other leading Coronado organizations), the Coronado Unified School District designated the Coronado Historical Association to present local Coronado history, with our museum staff and trained volunteers teaching students in the schools, as part of their 3rd grade history curriculum. CHA also presents the hugely successful Historic Home Tour on Mother’s Day.



1100 Orange Ave. 
Coronado, CA 92118